1. Six Sigma® Green Belt

Six Sigma® Green Belt

  • Introduction
  • Examination Eligibility Criteria
  • Ideal for
  • Where Six Sigma® is essential
  • Course Details

This course helps you to identify any defects in the systems & processes and also develop solutions to pre-empt any problems that could arise in the future.

Why choose Six Sigma® Certification?

This certification is perfect for all businesses and individuals as it helps you to streamline the processes to improve their quality thus increasing your revenue.
Its different levels offer you a hands-on, problem solving approach via varied tools, methods, and practices to balance project and process performance, quality, schedule and cost.

Know it better:

This popular business management approach enables you to analyse and solve quality problems through Six Sigma® tools and processes. So if you have a penchant to improve quality in projects and be indispensable then set forth and discover if you are eligible for it.

  •   Four Days i.e., 24 hours of Training awards specific to Six Sigma® Education (Awarded by Sappers Solutions).
  •   Bachelor's Degree or more.
  •   One project demonstrating Six Sigma® concept, tools, techniques and methodologies.
  •   Minimum 3years of professional work experience
    Without a Bachelo's Degree, Applicants must have a minimum 5 years of professional work experience.

This course is ideal for professionals at management level and the following:

  •   Project Manager
  •   Program Manager
  •   System Analyst
  •   Delivery Manager
  •   Team coordinator
  •   Functional Manager
  •   Product Manager
  •   Marketing Executive
  •   Marketing manager
  •   Sales Team Member
  •   Production Team Member

Industries where Six Sigma®is essential:

IT / Computers, Manufacturing, BPO, Production, Pharmaceuticals, Quality Department, Chemical, Automobile, Real Estate, Retail and so on.


Duration:3 Days + 1 Day for Exams.

Course Content

In these four days this course will cover integral topics needed to grasp the concept of quality management, thus rising higher:
  •   Lean integration with Six Sigma®
  •   Benchmarking
  •   Five phases of Six Sigma®, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
  •   Voice of The Customer (VOC)
  •   CTQ flow down, QFD matrix, Kano Model, COPQ
  •   SIPOC methodology, KPIV & KPOV
  •   Nominal, Ordinal & Interval Measurement Scales
  •   AIAG method
  •   Central Limit Theorem
  •   Descriptive & Inferential statistics
  •   Wiebul, geometric, hyper-geometric, normal, Chi-square, F distributions
  •   Short term & long term Process Capability, Capability Indices
  •   Regression, Multivariate Tools ,Multi-Variate Studies
  •   Hypothesis Testing, Point and Interval Estimates
  •   Moods median test, Kruskal Wallis test
  •   Root Cause Analysis
  •   DOE: One-Factor, Fractional Factorial, Full Factorial Experiments
  •   8 typical Wastes MUDA
  •   Cycle Time Reduction, One piece flow, SMED
  •   Kaizen, Kaizen Blitz
  •   Theory of Constraints
  •   Statistical Process Control
  •   Control Charts like X bar R, moving average moving range, p, u, c charts
  •   TPM
  •   Visual Factory

A project can be done within your organization or a project can also be given by Quickwin Insurance for your Examination. You can choose Sappers Solutions 100% passing Guarantee insurance (nominal additional fee) wherein if you do not clear the examination in the first attempt, we will pay your fees for the second attempt.

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